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The Ceredigion Methodist Circuit recognises that, not only is every person uniquely created in God’s image, but each person enjoys equal worth and importance within Gods family, Our Circuit and in our communities.


Our circuit respects all aspects of ALL people including race, ethnicity, gender, identity, orientation, neurodiversity, mental or physical health, family circumstance, social or economic background, age, religion, ability, and size.


We seek to be a fully inclusive church in which all, including people who identify as LGBTQIA+ feel and find our churches a safe and welcoming place.


Our circuit is committed to marriage equality with both our Churches (St Paul’s Aberystwyth and St Thomas’ Lampeter) registered to conduct marriages of same sex couples.

We are also registered with Inclusive Church


We recognise a neurodiversity paradigm, and we understand the autism spectrum to be a result of variations in the human brain and a form of human diversity that should be celebrated. We advocate greater acceptance of autistic and neurodiverse behaviours over expecting the imitation of the behaviours of neurotypical (non-autistic) peers.


We seek to create an environment where every member, friend, or visitor, and all we come into contact with, will be respected, appreciated and welcomed for who they are.

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